Established in 1956 in Santa Maria la Carità by Don Giovanni Iovine, Nutis SRL thrives in the picturesque village behind the bay of Sorrento, within the heart of Naples. Our company blends Neapolitan tradition with an unwavering commitment to excellence, set in the perfect environment for crafting exceptional products.

Today, under the leadership of the third generation, CEO Giovanni Iovine, “Caffè Barbaro” has flourished, thanks to his dedication to its development. The successful American Voyage, spearheaded by the industrious Enrico Cirillo, brought the rich tradition of Italian Neapolitan espresso to America.

With a familial and artisanal approach, our production embodies a spirit that gives life to quality blends. Giovanni Iovine, at the helm today, focuses on future opportunities, consistently innovating to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic market.


At the heart of our mission are two integral pillars: environmental responsibility and the welfare of our human capital. Every day, we strive to craft the finest Neapolitan coffee, all the while upholding our commitment to preserving our world and prioritizing the well-being of our people.


The company has grown exponentially in recent years to the point of being included in the rankings of companies with the fastest growth rate in Europe drawn up by important
publications such as Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times.

Architectural Marvels Inspire: The Opus Reticulatum Legacy at Caffè Barbaro

The Opus Reticulatum technique, prevalent from the first half of the 1st century BC and later during the Augustan era, saw the use of cubilia with a precisely uniform cubic base. These cubilia, arranged in rows at a 45° angle to the horizontal line, resulted in a meticulously organized lattice pattern on the wall.

Legend has it that the founder of Caffè Barbaro, during a 1950s visit to the ancient ruins of Pompeii, explored a Pompeian Villa (owned by a Roman patrician). Deeply impressed, he observed the prominently displayed cubilia network on the walls, influencing the café’s aesthetic.